Outstanding Accounting Student of the Year

Ajay Shah

Ajay was voted by his peers as the top Accounting student. Ajay is an excellent accountant who has earned a nearly perfect grade. He is a junior who currently has his sights set on becoming an engineer. There is no doubt his attention to detail and intelligence will serve him well in any career he chooses.

Outstanding Business Law Student of the Year

Olivia Ryan

The Business Law class offers practical knowledge of business law, civil law, criminal law, and general law issues. Students learn about the law, think like a lawyer, and apply that knowledge. During the semester, Business Law students have the additional opportunity to learn through special events including classroom visits from attorneys and field trips to the DuPage County and US Federal District Courthouses. The highlight of the class every semester is when Naperville North business law students go head-to-head against business law students from Naperville Central in the courtroom. Working with a partnership with attorneys from the law firm of Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, & Gilbert, Ltd., business law students prepare their case for trial. The students then present their case at the Cross Town Mock Trial (which happened on December 5, 2014 at Naperville City Hall). This year’s Outstanding Business Law Student award goes to Olivia Ryan. She was clearly the leader among the group in preparation for the in class version of the mock trial and was able to carry this momentum against Naperville Central. She provided the closing argument for the plaintiff and also cross referenced with each attorney on the team to be sure of the cohesiveness of the case presented. At the cross town mock trial, Olivia was singled out by jury members as the most outstanding attorney. Best of luck to Olivia next year in college and in whatever she chooses for a career.

Outstanding Computer Science Student of the Year

Yasha Mostofi

Yasha has a history of excellence in computer science and a passion for exciting others about technology. He entered AP Computer Science with a strong computer science background and significant programming experience. However, instead of coasting through class, he continually demonstrated a commitment to challenge himself and continue learning, by extending the assignments and choosing to pursue topics beyond the scope of the course. Yasha competed in our local DeVry University Java Programming Competition when he was a sophomore. After the competition, he shared his idea to form a Programming Team at our high school to explore a wider variety of competitions and activities. Last year, due to Yasha’s initiative, this team was formed, and he and the team competed in the MIT Zero Robotics competition, American Computer Science League, and the DeVry University Java Programming Competition. They were semifinalists in the Zero Robotics competition and won first and second place in the Java Programming competition. This year Yasha is leading the programming team. He encourages his peers to not only participate in the Programming Team, but to explore other opportunities such as area hack-a-thons. In addition, Yasha mentors students in the App Development Club, specifically in the area of web apps. Yasha has participated on the Huskie Robotics team since his sophomore year. Last year, Yasha formed and led a new software sub-team focused on data collection and analytics of other teams’ performance at competitions. Yasha developed a web app to perform this critical function. He submitted this web app to the Congressional STEM Competition and won for this district. This year, Yasha is teaching other students how to develop web apps, while also working with a team to improve the strategy and workflow for data collection and analytics. In addition to his contributions to the Huskie Robotics team and mentoring his peers in software development, Yahsa is a volunteer mentor of a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team. He mentors upper elementary and junior high students and, through his example, inspires them to pursue technical endeavors in the future. Yasha plans to attend the University of Illinois and major in computer science.

Outstanding Marketing Student of the Year

Abby Schur

Abby’s mind never stops! Passion and creativity drive Abby to develop innovative marketing plans and campaigns that are professional quality. Abby’s peers recognize her for her customer focus, work ethic, and attention to detail. Her soft spoken but effective leadership on the classroom agency teams make her a natural selection for Marketing Student of the Year. Outside of the classroom, Abby is involved in Orchesis, Habitat for Humanity, and French Club. Abby plans to further her education in Marketing and Business at Indiana University, Boston College, U Conn or Butler after graduation. Congratulations Abby!

Outstanding DECA Student of the Year

Rikin Shah

Rikin Shah is the top DECA Student of the Year. DECA is a national organization helping prepare emerging leaders and enterpreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and college around the globe. Rikin is recognized for receiving the Illinois Foundation Marketing Education (IFME) Emerging Leader Honor Award. This award recognizes DECA members studying marketing, finance, hospitality and management for being an academically prepared, community oriented, and professionally responsible, experienced leader through participation in DECA. IFME works exclusively with Illinois DECA’s over 3,000 members. In addition to this recognition, Rikin has been the Naperville North Chapter President for 2 years, the Illinois DECA State Officer for 2 years and is now campaigning to be elected as the National Officer representing the Central Region. Rikin is undecided about where he will be attending college but he does know that he will be business major. Congratulations Rikin on your outstanding achievement!

Outstanding Department Senior of the Year

Rohit Gupta

Rohit has taken six Business courses at NNHS. His performance in those courses has been outstanding and he has proven to be a classroom leader. Rohit’s passion is business and he is preparing himself to someday be a successful businessman. Next year he will major in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics at Indiana’s Kelly School of Business where we are sure he will have continued success.

Outstanding Culinary Arts Student of the Year

Michelle Rotter, Tessa Pociask, Kate Jurkovic

Michelle Rotter is a highly caring, “can-do” student who can be counted on to get the job done. Michelle has become a leader in the Culinary 3 class launch of Buster’s Bistro this year – her peers depend on her patient and positive leadership and culinary expertise. She is the first to volunteer for extra work, and a master problem solver. Outside of NNHS, Michelle is very involved in religious education, the youth group at her church, and figure skating. She plans to attend Franciscan University or Loyola University next year and major in Theology.

Tessa Pociask’s natural leadership and “down to earth” approach make her a key contributor to Naperville North’s Buster’s Bistro catering business. Tessa is respected by her peers and teacher for her initiative, attention to detail, and dependability. She is an expert event planner who consistently produces professional quality products and results. Tessa is also an involved Huskie outside of the classroom, participating in Key Club, First Class, and Cross Country. Next year Tessa plans to pursue a Culinary Arts degree at the College of DuPage where she will specialize as a Pastry Chef.

Kate Jurkovic is the trouble shooter for Buster’s Bistro. Kate’s leads the class in ideas and she provides feedback to keep the Naperville North catering students on their toes and focused. Kate’s outgoing personality and innovative culinary skills challenge the students to try new techniques and creatively solve their own problems. Also involved in Theatre, Theater Club, and JSC at NNHS, Kate will be attending the College of DuPage next fall were she will study Chemistry and Culinary Arts.

Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student of the Year

Amanda Finck

The Family and Consumer Science Department would like to honor Amanda Finck with the Outstanding Early Childhood Education student award. The district 203 mission is to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors. Amanda truly is an example of someone who meets our mission statement. Amanda has a passion for education and enjoys working with children; she has taken both Early Childhood 1 and 2, Intro to Teaching 1 and is currently enrolled as an independent study student for the Early Childhood program. All of these courses will help support her goal of becoming an elementary education teacher. Amanda has displayed great enthusiasm for children and had no problems stepping into the teacher role. Amanda is an amazing asset to our Huskie Playschool- she plans and implements her lesson plans to the preschool children. She is a leader in the class and helps her peers with lesson planning, projects and teaching. Amanda will be attending North Central College in the fall majoring in Elementary Education. She will make an outstanding teacher wherever she goes! Thank you for all of your hard work. Congratulations and Good luck!

Outstanding Fashion Design and Merchandising Student of the Year

Rachel Yuan

Rachel has taken both fashion classes offered at North. She excelled in both design and merchandising. Rachel is a very hard and diligent worker. She always wanted her projects to turn out well and was never afraid to put in the extra work to get this accomplished. She attended the New York Fashion Merchandising Trip her junior year. This allowed her to gain first-hand experience of the fashion industry. She also sews on her own making various garments for herself and the events she attends. She is always eager to come in and tell of her latest project she is working on. Her excitement for the fashion industry is contagious! Rachel is undecided on where she will attend school at this time, but believes she may go into engineering and keep fashion as her hobby. I am confident that Rachel will succeed in anything she sets her mind to!

Outstanding Interior Design Student of the Year

Emma Mirabelli

Emma has been very passionate about her interest in interior design. She has taken classes that will assist her in this as a possible career: drafting, drawing classes and of course interior design. Emma has shadowed interior designers, interviews them on their job and day, and looked deeper into design topics. She has certainly earned this award for these reasons and her interest in the industry.

Outstanding Health Occupations Student of the Year

Tiffanie Che

Tiffanie is “outstanding” in every sense of the word. She will be attending Northwestern University in the fall and has plans to become a neurologist. She has been a volunteer at Edward Hospital for over a year and was awarded the Edward Foundation Scholarship, a scholarship given to an outstanding volunteer. She has so much passion for the field of medicine and the drive and work ethic it takes to be successful in that field. We cannot wait to see all of the great accomplishments Tiffanie will achieve in the future!

Outstanding FCCLA Student of the Year

Rachel Rosales

Rachel is a member of FCCLA, a competitive club in the Family and Consumer Sciences department. Rachel has been a strong member and recruiter for FCCLA, participating fully in the club as well as bringing friends and others with similar interest to join and participate in competitions. She is passionate about her chosen area, pastry decoration, and she is completely selftaught. Her dedication and skill will be sorely missed.

Outstanding Intro to Teaching Student of the Year

Chloe ODeKirk

Chloe has taken the Introduction to Teaching 1 course at North. She is very hard working and pays close attention to detail. She has a great philosophy concerning who she wants to be as a teacher and how she wants her classroom to look. When writing her lesson plans she worked hard to find interactive ways to present her lesson so she could reach all of her students. Her caring and compassionate attitude will make her a fantastic teacher! Next year Chloe plans to attend Wisconsin-Madison and major in Elementary Education. Chloe will bring joy wherever she goes and be successful in whatever endeavor she undertakes!

Outstanding Department Senior of the Year

Victoria Kavanau

Victoria has taken a wide range of classes in the FACS department. Those classes include Introduction to Health Occupations, Health Occupations, Interior Design, Early Childhood 1 & 2 and Introduction to Teaching 1. She is one of those students that always has a smile on her face when she comes into class and helps create a positive atmosphere for those around her. Victoria is a senior and she will be attending the University of Missouri in the fall. She has decided to pursue a career in nursing. We know she will brighten the days of her future patients!

Outstanding Automotive Student of the Year

Mason Gillett

A Very mature and caring student that is going places. He is entering Kettering University outside Detroit, MI to study Mechanical and Automotive Engineering this fall. President of the Auto and Motorsports Club this past school year, Mason took this position to new heights by bringing the Auto show back to North and piloting or school competitions. His impact will be for years to come.

Outstanding Companion Animal Biology Student of the Year

Alison Kennelly

Alison is a senior who has been very involved with the Companion Animal Biology classes and the Animal Awareness Club. She has taken both levels of Companion Animal Biology and has excelled in both. She is dedicated to all fifteen of the classroom pets and makes sure they all get lots of love and attention. She has arranged several fundraisers for local animal shelters and was very involved in the local Puppy Mill Awareness Walk. Alison works very hard in all her classes and is always more than happy to help her peers in Companion Animal Biology. She has helped with recruitment of younger students and has helped with organizing and maintaining the classroom. She sees when classroom pets need nail trims, baths, or any other care, and is the first one to step up and get it done. She has spent countless hours cleaning the turtle tank, hand feeding the gecko, and nurturing the blind guinea pig. Alison will be attending University of Wisconsin- Whitewater in the fall, where she will major in biology.

Outstanding Woods Student of the Year

Mark Egan

Mark embodies the traits of a great wood worker – patience, creativity, and attention to detail. If it were up to Mark he would spend all eight class periods in the wood shop creating projects for himself and his friends. From custom Coco- Bolo pen sets that he sells online to tables and cutting boards, Mark’s quality is second to none. Mark with continue his passion for creativity and engineering at the university of Wyoming in the Fall.

Outstanding Research and Design Student of the Year

Dhipak Bala

Dhipak is a student that goes above and beyond with every task that is bestowed upon him. Whether it be wiring up his ping pong launcher to fire off a remote switch or designing a model airplane from scratch – Dhipak knows no limits. It is always motivating and a little scary when you have a student that can teach the class on his own. Dhipak, although capable of such a feat, is always open to new ideas and the challenges that we and himself put upon him – Congrats Dhipak.

Outstanding Graphic Arts Student of the Year

Samantha Jegglie

Samantha is an exceptional Graphic Arts Student Designer. She possess that rare ability of understanding the concepts of design (Color, arrangement, typography) as well as computer skills that when combined bring that ability to the design and produce something that meets professional standards. Samantha has consistently produced work that presents a high quality standard. Outside of class Samantha has been working with one of the elementary schools on designing and producing a set of custom class posters that represent the students in the classes art work. She was also just informed that she is a finalist in the Tribeca/ Flashpoint art contest to be held in April.

Outstanding Department Senior of the Year

Nathaniel Olejnik

Nate has been a student in all three of the Graphic Arts Classes here at NNHS, including Graphics 1, 2 and 3 and has been a real performer in all. (Mr. Hayes) Nate excelled is all three Automotive courses. He entered Service for a 2nd time this year and was voted President of his group. (Mr. Williams) Consistent performer, great student! (Mr. Hayes) Great motivator and leader (Mr. Williams) Quality performer, works hard to produce high quality work. (Mr. Hayes)