Computer Repair

2 Semesters
Available to grades: 10,11,12 *Eligible for Dual Credit through COD
Prerequisites: None

The Computer Repair/A+ Certification course is designed to equip both novice and experienced students with entry-level computer technician proficiencies. The course is aligned with the industry standard CompTIA A+ Certification objectives for hardware and software which are covered over two semesters. Students will become adept with key computer hardware architecture components like the motherboard, processor, memory, drives, networks, power supplies and peripheral devices. Additionally, students will install, configure, and troubleshoot the significant operating systems utilized today, primarily Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The course includes lectures, demonstrations and videos on theories of operation including real-life projects for the student to explore. Significant lab time is provided to offer the student authentic hands-on experiences in working with computers. The course follows an industry-recognized curriculum and is recommended for students who enjoy computers and/or students who might have a career interest in Information Technology leading to a professional certification. Further information about the CompTIA and the course objectives can be found at